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Many people know the importance of compost in their gardens. In fact, some people understand the role of compost so completely that they create their own compost piles. Creating a compost pile can be a great way to get rid of organic material in a sustainable way. However, not every person has the time or ability to create a compost pile. Further, not everyone's compost pile comes out the way they wished it would. For this

reason, it is important that landscape supply stores keep good organic compost in stock since it is such a vital component of the growing process.

SoCal Landscape supply is a premiere supplier of organic compost. The organic compost offered at SoCal Landscape supply is of the highest quality and is designed to offer the maximum benefit for plant growth.

What is Compost

Compost is a mixture of organic materials, meaning they come from plants and animals. Bits of decomposing food, grass clippings, dung, and other organic components can all work together to create rich compost.

People often confuse the terms compost and mulch. Compost simply refers to what is left after organic decomposition. For this reason, mulch can be compost. Organic mulch is compost. However, mulch serves a different purpose than compost. It is needed to protect plant life from weather and weeds. However, plants can still benefit from the nutrients they receive from decomposing mulch.

What are the benefits of Compost?

Compost provides nutrients that soil might be lacking. In other words, it creates a rich place for plants to grow. Not all soil is nutrient rich. Everything from weather to pollution and other man-made problems can cause soil to lose its richness. Compost can help to make up for these deficiencies. Since the beginning of time, plants have been utilizing compost. Even before humans came to play a role in gardening, plants would feed off the decomposing matter of the other plants around them. Today, however, it is up to gardeners and landscapers to take an active role in the growth of plants and give them the compost they need to thrive.

How to Buy Compost

There are many different ways that compost can be created. Similarly, there are many different characteristics that describe compost. For this reason, individuals need to be careful that they purchase the right kind of compost for their needs. SoCal Landscape supply has the experts on staff to help individuals make good choices about the organic mulch they purchase. At SoCal Landscape supply, individuals familiar with the types of soil and different needs of Southern California homeowners and business operators can answer questions about what nutrients the soil needs and where to find the best compost, as well as how to apply it for best results.

Compost is a necessary part of landscaping. Individuals can learn more about how compost can help them grow the best plants by visiting SoCal Landscape Supply, the home of excellent organic compost and Southern California soil experts.

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