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Decorative Bark

Anyone who owns a yard knows what a difference decorative bark can make. Beautiful colors and a rich texture make the yard look more natural while at the same time adding to its structured and well-kept-up appearance. Further, decorative bark can also have a practical purpose. In some cases, decorative bark plays a role in the feeding and moisturizing of plants. In other cases, decorative bark can shield plant areas

from the harsh damage that human and animal feet can do. Finally, decorative bark can be used in playground or walking areas to protect individuals if they fall. Consider the difference between pea gravel and decorative bark. Decorative bark is much softer on little knees that often meet with the ground during recess or backyard play time.

However, when purchasing decorative bark, it is important for any home or business owner to make the right selection. There are many different kinds of decorative bark, and choosing the wrong type can adversely affect any yard or outdoor area. SoCal Landscape Supply has many different types of decorative bark. From different hues to different sizes, the bark selection at SoCal Landscape Supply is large enough that there is something for every yard.

Choosing The Right Size

Selecting decorative bark that is too big or small for the area in which it is located can mean a negative appearance. It can also mean that the bark does not do its job as well. Bark that is too large for an area, for example, cannot be packed as tightly, which means it does not do as good of a job protecting plants and dirt.

Choosing the Right Color and Texture

Decorative bark comes in many different types of appearances, from shredded bark to red dyed bark to gorilla hair bark, which is finely shredded and has a hair-like texture. The bark an individual choose will help determine the look he or she achieves. For example, red dyed bark is popular around many commercial buildings, but it is not the most natural looking bark. For natural looking, individuals should choose an untreated type of bark. Similarly, different barks have different textures. Gorilla bark is softer than some. For this reason, gorilla bark is an excellent choice for the playground or family swing set area.

There is no question - decorative bark really does improve the look of a home or office building. While making the area look more natural, decorative bark also makes it appear more streamlined and professionally designed.

However, choosing the right type of decorative bark is necessary if individuals want to achieve the best appearance for their homes or offices. There are many different types of decorative barks, and SoCal Landscape Supply has them all. Individuals can come in person to look at different types of barks and even take some home to determine which is best for them. With SoCal Landscape Supply, individuals can begin making their yards gleam with the look of a professionally designed landscape today.


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