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Homeowners typically want the healthiest, greenest, and most luxurious looking lawns they can grow. However, the arid Southern California weather and sub-prime soil in some areas can come between a homeowner and the lawn of his or her dreams. Fortunately, adding fertilizer to a lawn can significantly improve the lawn's look and durability. Rich organic fertilizer gives plants the nutrients they need to grow into full, lush specimens.

Without organic fertilizer, it's likely that most plants in Southern California won't reach their full potential. SoCal Landscape Supply offers a line of premium organic fertilizer. These specially formulated blends are designed to give plants the best chance of thriving without harming plants, wildlife, or individuals with chemicals.

How Fertilizer Works

The perfect soil for plants to grow in is soil that includes macronutrients, like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Unfortunately, there are few areas of Southern California that can boast perfect soil that is teaming with these nutrients. Everything from erosion to pollution to climate affects the soil, and in many areas, these nutrients are non-existent. In others, they are simply difficult for young plants to reach.

Fertilizer augments soil that is nutrient deficient with the nutrients needed for plants to grow. It also includes supplemental nutrients like sulfur, magnesium, and calcium that can help plants thrive even more. The nutrients provided in fertilizer are needed for plants to remain durable, obtain energy, and metabolize.

Homeowners typically use fertilizer on their lawns, in their flowerbeds, or anywhere else they want a sure chance of their plants growing strong.

Organic Fertilizer Benefits

Organic fertilizer is not only safer for plants, it is also more effective in encouraging their growth. Organic fertilizer is made from living organisms and waste products. Some of the best fertilizer is composed of manure, compost, seaweed, and the like. This kind of fertilizer is all natural, which means it includes no dangerous chemicals or pesticides. This means that food grown with organic fertilizer is safe to eat, and will likely be larger and more delicious, since organic fertilizer generally produces more robust plants.

Organic fertilizer is more effective than synthetic varieties because it contains more nutrients and lasts longer. Organic fertilizer works over long periods of time, while synthetic fertilizer typically only works for a short burst. Plants can also absorb the nutrients in organic fertilizer much easier than they can absorb the nutrients in synthetic varieties. This means that more nutrients are available to help plants grow.

Organic Fertilizer Means a Luch, Full Yard

Individuals who choose organic fertilizer choose a lush, full yard, garden that yields robust fruit, and long-lasting, beautiful flowers. Because it is the best choice for plants, SoCal Landscape Supply offers only organic varieties of fertilizer. SoCal Landscape Supply's fertilizer products are always safe and plant friendly.

Individuals can purchase the fertilizer they need from one of SoCal Landscape Supply's experienced landscape experts. They can help homeowners understand how and when to apply organic fertilizer for the best result.

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