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Landscape Supplies

A beautiful lawn takes work. Sometimes, hiring an expert landscaping company is the best way to get that work done. Other times, homeowners prefer to do it themselves. There is something about getting dirty in one's own yard, and then standing back to take a look at a job well done, that makes many homeowners smile. However, homeowners who want to perfect their lawns on their own need to do so using the right tools.

SoCal Landscape Supply has everything homeowners' need to make their yards perfect.

Expert Products, Expert Advice

SoCal Landscape Supply is the child company of Whittier Fertilizer, which has been in the Southern California landscape business since 1930. The experts at SoCal Landscape Supply know everything there is to know about creating a beautiful and eye-catching yard. Because of this, they can offer excellent opinions regarding what kinds of products homeowners need to purchase. From wheel barrows to gloves, SoCal Landscape supply knows what it takes to build a great landscape. Because of their long history of experience with landscaping products, SoCal Landscape Supply knows what makes brands different from one another, so they can recommend a particular brand or tool for each landscaping task.

Products For Any Job

SoCal Landscape Supply offers products that will help home landscapers complete any job right. From individuals with small, first-time gardens to commercial landscapers and farmers, SoCal Landscape Supply has it all. Just a few of the products SoCal landscape offers include:

- Leaf Blowers
- Wheel Barrows
- Rakes
- Shovels
- Picks
- Hedge Trimmers
- Gloves
- Tarps
- Weed Whackers
- Wire

SoCal Landscape Supply offers a long list of parts and accessories for sprinkler systems, and the employees at SoCal Landscape Supply can answer questions regarding how to best arrange and accessorize irrigation systems.

At SoCal Landscape Supply, individuals can even purchase seeds, insecticides, and weed killer. The company even sells horses! When SoCal Landscape Supply says it has everything needed for a professional landscaping job, they mean everything!

Buying Products From SoCal Landscape Supply

Buying products from SoCal Landscape Supply is the best choice for individuals who are about to attempt any size project, whether it be big or small. SoCal Landscape Supply not only has the best products, but they also have experts available to help homeowners decide how many products they need and what kind of products would be best. This kind of expertise, coupled with high-quality products, means that SoCal Landscape Supply is the most trusted name in Southern California Landscaping. Buying products from SoCal Landscape Supply is easy. Individuals can contact the company via phone or visit in person.

SoCal Landscape Supply Center is conviently located close to the
215 Fwy exit Ramona Expressway, 60 Fwy off Gilman Springs.

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