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Individuals who want a healthy yard and excellent plant growth will need to mulch. Many think of mulching as a decorative choice. While mulching does improve a yard's appearance, it is not optional. Individuals must mulch if they want their plants to grow strong and healthy. At SoCal Landscape Supply, homeowners and landscapers can find a large variety of mulch types and quantities. This professional grade mulch has been
inspected and is crafted with the organic material designed to protect plants and help them grow.At SoCal Landscape Supply, individuals will find nothing but the highest-quality mulch.

The Benefits of Mulch

Mulch is needed to keep plants safe from weeds and the weather. When a homeowner lays a layer of mulch, he or she is laying a layer of protective insulation above the plants and surrounding areas. Plants need this insulation so they are not compromised by cold in the winter. Mulching is absolutely essential for individuals with plants that winterize. To keep those dormant plants safe and warm through the winter, a good coat of mulch is absolutely necessary.

In the summer, mulch works to retain moisture. Although some summers are filled with plenty of rain, others are racked by drought. A good mulching can keep plants moist so they thrive (with proper watering) even in drought-like conditions. In addition, mulch can be a helpful addition for the homeowner who plans to add non-native plants to his or her garden. The mulch can keep the excess heat or cold out and the water in, greatly improving the chances of the plants doing well.

In the spring and summer, when weeds are likely to creep into flowerbeds and other landscaped areas, mulch helps to protect plants by creating a protective barrier. Weeds cannot easily strangle plants if they cannot reach them due to an effective mulching job.

Finally, mulch also benefits plants by creating rich soil that helps them grow. When mulch decomposes, it enriches the soil by adding a number of nutrients that help plants feed and grow to be robust and rich.

Buying Mulch

Not everything labeled as mulch is actually mulch. Some solutions, which are labeled as mulch, are actually just decorative. It is important to get organic compost. Only organic compost has the nutrients that can work their way into the soil and benefit the plants. Other products may be decorative, but they will not work the wonders that real mulch will work.

For this reason, homeowners and landscapers need to act with extreme caution when purchasing mulch. They should ensure they are buying quality, organic mulch that is designed to benefit their plants and help them enhance the quality of their yards. SoCal Landscape Supply has the best mulch options available in Southern California, along with experienced salespeople who can help shoppers make the perfect selections for them. SoCal Landscape Supply professionals can assist individuals by answering questions related to California climate and growing, as well as mulch's role.

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