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Southern California's extreme weather climates can damage even the best groomed lawns. We carry and can deliver all varieties of SOD to help enhance your garden..

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Decorative Bark provides a natural, durable and cover to any landscape. It will help blend your garden and match well with foliage, SOD and tree's.

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Compost should always be matter left over from decomposed plants and animals. Quality Compost is an important beginning and routine maintenance to every garden.

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We carry many custom soil mixes and our topsoil can be made to customer specifications.

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Our Fertilizer contains natural minerals and nutrients from multiple sources like insects, seaweed, manure, compost and natural mineral deposits.

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Mulch is used to help protect the cold from damaging and in the summer used to keep in moisture.

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We stock gardening tools and supplies to groom and control your home or business environment.

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We carry many variations of hard scape rocks, stones, pebbles, slate, granite slabs etc. Our trucks can deliver to your doorstep.

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We deliver to any area in Southern California from either of our two locations.

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With our two locations you will be able to find anything and service any location in Southern California.


We supply our own fertilizer and carry many different brands. They are sold in single or bulk for pickup or delivery.


Rocks and Bolders can be carried in stock or custom ordered and delivered to any area.

Landscape  Maintenance

Looking for supplies and other items to maintain your garden?We stock supplies and tools to control your landscape and natural environment.