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SoCal Landscape offers a variety of specially engineered sods that have been designed to thrive in Southern California. Although SoCal Landscape carries only the best, most durable, and most aesthetically pleasing sods, it is important to note that different sods are best for different purposes. The landscaping experts at SoCal Landscape are prepared and happy to assist customers as they choose the right sod for their needs.

Marathon Sod

Marathon Sod is one of the most popular brands of sod in southern California. A durable, deep root system and a lush, green appearance make all brands of Marathon popular among homeowners and business owners alike. However, there are different types of Marathon sod. The type that works best for each lawn depends both on the type of lawn and the way the lawn is used.

Marathon I

Pros: Marathon I sod is perfect for the yard that gets used often because it continues to grow strong despite damage. It grows quickly and recovers well even when there is a great deal of activity on the yard. Parents with children who frequently play on the lawn should consider Marathon I. Marathon I is also unique because it grows well even in 40% shade.

Cons: Because Marathon I grows so quickly, Marathon I sod requires mowing frequently. It is also not as beautiful, lush, and green as the other varieties of Marathon sod.

Marathon II

Pros: Marathon II does not grow as fast as Marathon I, so it requires less grass cutting. However, Marathon II can still handle a moderate to high amount of activity. It's darker than Marathon I, and slightly more aesthetically appealing. Marathon II is the most popular choice among homeowners in Southern California. Most people prefer this sod because they get the most bang for their buck.

Cons: Marathon II can only grow in 25% shade. It is not as beautiful as Marathon III, the darkest brand of Marathon sod.

Marathon III

Pros: Marathon III is the darkest, most beautiful sod available. It is green around the year. Because it grows slowly, individuals have to do far less grass cutting with this type of sod.

Cons: Marathon III cannot handle high activity or large amounts of shade.

Other Varieties

In addition to the popular Marathon line, SoCal Landscape offers a number of other varieties of sods. For example, Pureblue is a dense, beautiful bluegrass blend that can only be used in well-lit areas that are not extremely warm or dry. Ryeblue is a disease-resistant sod blend that combines 80% Pureblue with 20% perennial rye.

Dichondra, St. Augustine, Tifgreen, El Toro Zoysia, and Zoysia Tenuifolia sods are also available from SoCal Landscape. Each of these sods feature a slightly different look and each is suited for different weather conditions. The experts at SoCal Landscape are more than happy to offer their professional opinion when it comes to which sod is best for each homeowner and his/her unique living situation.

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