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At SoCal Landscape, we carry a variety of quality products for both residential and commercial indoor and outdoor use. As an extension of Whittier Fertilizer, a company that has served Southern California since 1930, we understand that quality topsoil products make a huge impact on our customers’ landscape. This is why we have dedicated 57 acres solely to house our landscape supply products including quality organic topsoil..

Products We Offer

We sell only organic topsoil products that you fit your gardening needs. We custom mix our topsoil products so that each customer gets exactly what they need for their residential or commercial landscape projects. For your convenience, we at SoCal Landscape offer customers four different varieties of soil products. The four soil products we offer are Potting Soil, Planter Box Mix, Soil Mix, and Topsoil, all of which are organic. And to better serve our customers, a totally custom planting soil that is custom fit for particular planting needs can be created by combining these soil products with our mulch products.

What Is Organic Topsoil

While many people believe that topsoil (dirt, as some refer to it) is already organic by its very nature. That is not totally correct as the dirt most people refer to is loam, which is composed of clay, silt, and sand and different from topsoil. Soil that has been enriched is what we mean when we make our organic topsoil.

The organic topsoil we offer contains a minimum amount of stone and rock for better usage. We have analyzed it for chemical levels and our topsoil is peat free. Moreover, our organic topsoil is modified by the use of organic matter like compost and of soil conditioners like course sand. Our topsoil is screened, has an organic content between 2% and 9%, and has a pH range between 6.5 and 7.2.

By doing all of this, we can guarantee our customers get the most high grade, high quality organic topsoil possible. Furthermore, by combining our soil and mixing it to customer specifications, we can offer more targeted topsoil to our customers.

The Purpose of Using Organic Topsoil

Topsoil is perfect for landscape projects because accurate water control, less clumping, and easier spreading. Higher silt/clay soils are vulnerable to poor drainage and excessive water retention, which is what makes topsoil important for planting. Young plants or seedlings are given a great system for sustained growth by using a good base of organic topsoil. Even for existing garden beds, adding a fresh level of organic topsoil can provide the right nutrients to for better growth.

Custom Topsoil

At SoCal Landscape, we produce plenty of custom soil mixes based on need, but we also offer four basic mixes all the time. All of these are certified 100% organic and can be modified to meet certain requirements if weight is an issue.

All of our topsoil is sandy loam soil that can be amended by our customers or used for fill depending on individual need.

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A Commitment to the Environment

By providing naturally organic products through safe natural dgreadation of plant and animal matter.